Why Capital Betting?

With Capital Betting and Wagering, patrons can wager with track odds from one of our twenty nine (29) convenient locations island wide in comfort and style, at competitive rates and with highly competitive odds, with no minimum balance requirements, and without the hidden fees that you may find with some of our competitors.

Wager on all the all races, anytime! Capital Betting patrons also have access to the great benefits that come with Capital betting and wagering system:

  • Live Streaming
  • Winner Club
  • Online Handicapping ContestsCapital Cash Rewards Program

The Capital Betting and wagering system is one the most user-friendly wagering platform available. Nowhere else can you find an easier or more secure wagering option.

As mentioned above, there are huge benefits for patron who bets at Capital, plus there are additional advantages to bet with us:

  • Wager on all pick 6 carryovers (not offered by illegal offshore sites)
  • Enjoy next day processing – Instant pay-out options!
  • Look for daily expert picks and analysis from the best line-up of handicappers in racing! Capital’s line-up of world-class handicappers is in the business of providing winning analysis to all of Capital’s valued patrons!
  • Enjoy live internet streaming anywhere; of great racing, informative seminars & handicapping expos

Capital Betting and Wagering Limited/Jamaica Observer Tipsters’ Competition

Capital Betting and Wagering Limited has partnered with the Jamaica Observer to host the annual year long tipsters Competition. Each tipster starts the year with a nominal figure of $20,000 to place their bets. They can bet a minimum of $250 per race day.

2021 Observer Tipsters’ Competition

Allen, Bahadur top 2021 Capital Betting and Wagering Limited/Jamaica Observer Tipsters’ Competition.

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2021 Second Quarter Winner

Kool Cat, Sir Donald top second quarter of Tipsters competition

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2020 Observer Tipsters’ Competition

Hot Spur, The Genius win Capital Betting/Observer Tipsters’ Competition.

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2019 Observer Tipsters’ Competition

Orelue is the champion in the Most Wins category. Tipster receives $50,000 for his efforts.

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Instant Payouts

Capital Betting patrons may enjoy their winnings, instantly! Capital offers our valued patrons one of the fastest payout options in the business, same day payout processing.
Payout may be made the next day at any branch office of your choosing during normal business hours. Only the holder of the bet may collect the winning prize and the account holder MUST have 2 forms of ID.

Capital Betting patrons may also contact at the address below, to make arrangements to pick up the check at our main office in New Kingston.

24 Knutsford Boulevard
New Kingston
Please call 1-876-292-CBAW with any additional questions.